5 Simple Ways to Ask Customers to Leave Reviews

13 July 2017

To grow your business, you need to encourage people to leave reviews. Positive reviews help gain the trust of potential customers by adding value and credibility to your company, plus they boost your SEO presence in local search engine results (SERPs).

In fact, they’re so important that 88% of customers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. People need reassurance that their actions are the right ones, and their trust in your brand depends on the type of feedback your company has received.

Even if your company has received negative online reviews, don’t let the difference between your online and offline reputations deter you from boosting the former. Quickly reply back to these negative reviews in a warm, personal tone. Potential customers will see that your business is authentic and values its customers’ opinions.

We’ve shared five tips that you can implement to encourage customers to leave reviews. 

1 Ask customers directly

Asking customers for a review in person can be very effective. A lot of companies forget to do this, though it’s a very easy way to get that all-important feedback.

This technique works especially well for smaller, local businesses who’ve spent more time getting to know their customers. If they say yes, make sure to pass on the link to your review page. You need to make the process as easy as possible for them.

2 Send out requests

A popular way of obtaining reviews is with permission-based marketing methods such as email and SMS. Wait a few days after the transaction before following it up. Write the messages in a casual tone, and tell them how long the review will take to fill in. Shorten your review links or hyperlink them within the copy – just make sure they’re easy to find.

Consider the day and time of when you send your e-marketing requests, too. This study from MailChimp shares insights on time optimisation.

3 Offer rewards

People are more likely to leave reviews when offered an incentive, so give them a nudge with a special reward for writing a review. This could be a discount on a future purchase, points towards a reward scheme, or a giveaway.

Make it clear that you are asking for a simple review and not one that is exclusively positive.

4 Workplace incentives

Reviews play a huge part in the customer decision, so your customer service and sales colleagues need to understand their importance.

Like with customers, offer rewards for workers who secure reviews from customers. This could be in the form of targets, offering a bonus for the employee who secures 5 reviews, for example.

5 Set up multiple profiles 

Google Places/Maps, Bing Local and Yahoo! Local are considered the ‘big three’ directories. They each have their own database where you can add your business listing, however, these companies pull data from third parties and update their systems with it.

When information is consistent across various directories, it will add credibility and value to your brand or services as well as improve your SEO. You’ll also have more platforms for people to find and leave reviews for your business.

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